AFFC Programs - wINTER/sPRING 2017-2018


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U12/U14/U16/U19 Boys

Premier Teams will have two 1.5 hr trainings per week, have monthly practice games over the winter and play in the Maine State Premier League in the spring.  Teams will play in two tournaments--Memorial Day (GPS) and Father's Day (Coastal). All Premier Team players will be selected by tryout, coach’s recommendations from previous AFFC teams and recruiting. All premier team participants will be able to sign up for SoccerFit! at a discounted rate.

U12/U14/HS Girls:

The girl’s premier team will play six games in in the Maine State Premier League against other premier teams in Maine beginning in April. The top teams in the league will play in the state cup final to determine the best team in the league. This team will also play in the Father’s Day tournament located at Bowdoin College. The U12/U14 team will have one team training per week based best around the schedule of the players. These trainings will be held at the Firehouse over the winter and at area outdoor fields in the spring.  Premier team players will also have the chance to drop in on the skills academy groups for more training and participate in the goalkeeper school for free over the course of the winter sessions


Cost:  U14/U16/U19  Boys Teams $850 (not including uniform)

          U12 Boys Team: $750 (not including uniform)

         U12/U14 Girls Team: $350 (not including uniform)

Dates: Nov 27th - June 17th

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                 U12 Girls

                 U14 Girls

                 HS Girls



Premier Academy

In Winter Session #2 the Premier Academy teams will train two 1.5 hr training sessions per week. Players will be selected by tryout and coach’s recommendations. The focus of training will be teaching players advanced skills and tactics in order to prepare them to play premier soccer. In the spring teams will continue to train weekly and play in league games.             

COST (Please Register by clicking on the links below):   

                 Winter Session #2: $225 per 8 week session

                Spring League:  $225 per 8 week session  



Winter Session #2: Feb 12th - April 13th   (Winter Break Feb 17th - Feb 25)

Spring League Session: April 23rd - June 17th








Skills Academy is for players Age 7-18. Trainings will focus on learning essential soccer skills and tactics. The groups will have two 1.5 hour trainings per week. All players welcome to join. In the spring groups will continue to train weekly and play in league games.

COST:      $225 per 8 week session                                                  

DATES:(Please Register by Clicking on the link below)

Winter Session #2: Feb 10th - April 13th   (Winter Break Feb 17th - Feb 25th) 





The SoccerFit! groups will meet for two 1.5 hour sessions per week. Players will focus on function fitness and advanced soccer skills training. Participants in SoccerFit! show rapid development in their athleticism and soccer abilities. Professional trainer Alex Johnston trains the athletes with the help of AFFC coaches

                                                       COST:      $200 AFFC Players per session

                                                                       $225 Non AFFC Players per session                                    

                                                       DATES: (Please Click on Link to Register)

                                                       Winter Session #2: Feb 10th - April 13th   (Winter Break Feb 17th - Feb 25th) 


Goalkeeper School (GS)

The Goalkeeper school will help players learn essential goalkeeper skills, including shot blocking, positioning, and agility. The goalkeeper school will meet for one 1 hr practice per week. 

COST:      $100 per* week session                                          

DATES: (Please Register by Clicking on the link below)

Winter Session #2: Feb 10th - April 13th   (Winter Break Feb 17th - Feb 25th) 


Acadia Fire Financial Assistance Program

“The goal of the AFFC Financial Assistance program is to ensure all soccer-loving kids are able to play AFFC, regardless of ability to pay".  AFFC Director Michael Curless. Acadia Fire Football Club (AFFC) offers financial assistance for all soccer programs. The AFFC Financial Assistance Committee reviews and approves applications. All application information is kept 100% confidential with respect to coaches, players, and families. AFFC’s mission to make the soccer program accessible to all area families, ensuring that tuition cost is not a barrier for any child.
Scholarship Application Process
1. Applications may be picked up at the AFFC Firehouse lobby or printed from the AFFC website. Applications must be completed by a parent, guardian, or head of household.
2. Applications may be submitted in the following ways:
a) Given to Charles Kimball, AFFC's club manager
b) Dropped off at the Firehouse in the blue box in the lobby
c) Emailed to Charles Kimball at
d) Mailed to Acadia Fire FC /scholarship, P.O.Box 420, Mount Desert, ME 04660
3. Applications will be shared with the Financial Assistance Committee for review with name(s) removed.
4. You will be notified with regard to the amount of assistance granted. Please do not delay registration any scholarship that is awarded will be refunded to your credit card or deducted from your monthly credit card payments.


2018 Spring Season indoor Practice Schedule

The following practice schedule begins Monday, April 23rd.  This schedule will remain in place until fields are ready for practicing outside. At that time this practice schedule may change. 
Spring Season Premier League Games have begun. Find GAME info on our Calendar page.
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